{Review} Fall with Me by Jennifer L. Armentrout

GENRE: New Adult
THEME: Romance, College, Chick Lit
RECEIVED: Edelweiss
BLOG: http://seeingnight.blogspot.com/

I just can’t get enough of the Wait For You series, I always think I’m not going to love this one as much as I loved the last, but nope I love each one more and more and for very different reasons. The characters are always well developed, passionate, and trying to find a way to open up and love again. Fall with Me broke my heart and made me swoon; I loved every minute of it.

Fall with Me follows Roxy, in high school she was involved in an incident where her best friend was severely injured. She blames herself even though there was nothing she could do, when a bully threw a rock and hit Charlie in the head. No matter how many years pass she visits him every Friday to talk, even if he can’t respond. And everything changes when the person who hurt her friend is released and asking to see her, it also brings back the one man she who broke her heart. Officer Reece Anders and Roxy have a past, he cant seem to remember what happened that one night, but he’s determined to get to the bottom of it. Plus he cant stand being far from her nor seeing her hurting for Charlie after all these years. But when strange things start happening in Roxy’s house and she feels like someone’s watching her, Reece will do anything to keep her safe and fix what happened between them.

Roxy is all heart; her best friend was everything to her. No matter that Charlie doesn’t even know she visits him, she wants him to know she’ll always be there. I loved how Roxy never gave up hope for her friend even when his parents do. She even stands up for him when the man who caused the injury wants to ask for forgiveness. It’s a tough subject that Armentrout touches, hate crimes in teens are common and the more its noted and shown as a negative the more people start to open up and understand the side effects. Roxy is in a tough situation when it comes to her social life too. She’s been in love with Reece Anders for a long time and the one time they “hooked up” Reece was not coherent, nor did she know he was that drunk. Now they have some akward tension and Reece doesn’t understand what he did wrong. Roxy feels embarrassed and so many misunderstandings keep them apart. I loved their cute banter, the way they easily can get into a conversation, and their passion is off the hook! In the end Roxy goes through a lot of high but many lows to find her happiness.

Reece has had some tough decisions to make while in the force, its haunted him and made him feel so much more whenever hes called out for a tough job. Roxy is someone who hes always had this connection with, and he’s trying to figured out how to reconnect with her after their “one night” together. He’s a very determined man and when it comes to Roxy, he wants to continue with what they had. I loved this guy, he’s a totally alpha male and will do anything and everything for Roxy. He cares for her deeply, loves her artistic side and her quirky t-shirts that she always wears. They have such a sweet connection and really are good for each other during tough times.

Overall as I said before this series keeps getting better and better, but the emotion in this book just hit all the right spots. Plus all the old gang is back, Calla and Jax, Teresa and Jace, and of course Avery and Cameron. It was awesome to see how they are all progressing in their lives and relationships. Now for the next, I’m super excited to see how Nick and Steph connect! I adore Nick so I’m rooting for some happiness for him!

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/1074378756?book_show_action=false